With an unseasonably warm autumn that ran long, all of a sudden, winter has started to come crashing into the British Isles.  Although we British are a hardy bunch, used to our changeable climate, this has been a rather more dramatic change than we are used to, with less than a week taking us from the warmest Halloween on record, to flooding and gale force winds.

Over the last week, these conditions saw the people of the nation desperately trying to find some winter warmers to ease the transition to the chillier temperatures.  Luckily, here at Country and Home we have accessories for both men and women to help you keep the warmth in this winter.


Men’s Socks


Here in the country, it is every bit as important to keep your feet comfortable as well as warm.  All that walking about on uneven ground can take its toll on the feet, and we all know that the wide-open rural spaces we enjoy can play host to the most vicious of winds.  That is where these stylish socks for men come in; not only are they thick, comfortable and soft for the feet, but they also come up the leg and can be worn under or over the trouser depending on preference, keeping the shins warm even in the most ferocious of conditions.


Ladies Socks


Ladies do seem to suffer from the curse of chilly feet, so it is only right that these fetching socks have been adapted for feminine toes too.  The socks are comfortable when worn with boots - holding the heat in, even inside a wellington boot – and have been designed in a range of colours to complement the ladies’ outfit of choice.



Ladies Scarves


As any dog walker will tell you, no matter how much we love our dog and taking the time to walk them around the glorious countryside, it is still a struggle to find the motivation when the rain is lashing down and the wind is howling louder than the pooch!  Wrap up warm for this winter’s dog walks with a stylish scarf featuring the loveable canine in your life – our scarves come in different themes to suit popular breeds – both cosy and stylish.


Boot Liners and Huffs


Our range of boot liners and huffs in luxurious faux fur will keep the lady stylish and cosy, even in the most arctic of conditions.  Available in a variety of imitation fur styles, the huff is particularly fashionable right now too.  See our blog on Faux Fur Ladies Accessories.

Post By Sadie