The country look for the home is gaining in popularity.  You only have to flick through a design magazine, look at the décor section of sites such as Pinterest or watch a home show on the television to see this in action.

Where modern design with its minimalist fare, stark colours and harsh lines is still in favour, the antithesis to this is the ‘country look’.  Much easier and more comfortable to live in, country style is about family life.

The living room is often the most important room of the house, it is where we relax and entertain.  Often the happiest noises of the house come from this room, whether that is playing a board game with the children or talking over afternoon tea.  This room must be a pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

Where better to find accessories for the country living room than at Country and Home?  So we thought we’d take a look at some of our favoured products for creating a country ambience in the lounge…

Luxurious photo frames are the perfect way to display the achievements of your family proudly.  Whether a graduation or a new arrival, a matrimonial union or a milestone celebration; make them a decorative addition to your living room to keep those smiling faces in your memories for longer.

Cushions and soft furnishings are a great way to add comfort and a plush feeling to your living room's seating arrangements.  You can also add extra touches of design and personality to a sofa or favoured chair by choosing interesting motifs and patterns to adorn your lounge cushions.

There is nothing like the glow of candlelight to take your through the evening in style.  Add flair to a mantelpiece or a coffee table with candles and candlestick holders aplenty.

To really make your living room stand out, why not choose a sculpture or piece of artwork to make a focal point of?  Above the fireplace is a piece of prime real estate when it comes to display, as it is a safe bet that most of your furniture will be angled in some way around this heart of the home.  Add a traditional bronze sculpture or a picture with a country theme to represent your passions.


We hope that we have provided you with plenty of Country Living Room design inspiration.  Don’t forget to take a look at the Country and Home decorative accessories to help you make your house both homely and beautiful.

Post By Sadie