With Christmas creeping ever closer, we are all going to be spending more time on our correspondence.  That can mean all sorts of different things to different people, but it is almost certainly true for every kind of person.  Whether you will be spending more time in the office responding to all your Christmas event invitations, writing Christmas cards and letters to all your friends and acquaintances across the miles, or writing all the thank you letters required for all the well meaning gifts you are bound to receive.  In any case, the office is definitely a busy room in any house at this time of year.

So we think it is important for this room to represent your style, if only to make the time spent there seem like less of a chore!  That’s why we have devoted a whole section of our website to products which will imbue your office with plenty of country charm.


Country Style Letter Openers


Envelopes can be fiddly to open, and we know you’d much rather be spending your time fishing down at the lake than struggling to open all your correspondence, and there is definitely something very stylish about gliding through such wrappings with your own letter opener.  Our quality Country Style Letter Openers are adorned with toppers in rural themes, such as pheasants and fish, and are sure to delight the country sport enthusiast.


Dog Breed Money Boxes

Chocolate Labrador Money Box 1

We all know it is important to save the pennies, but they can be such a nuisance to keep tidily stowed away.  However, that is not a problem if you invest a few of them from your stash in one of our Dog Breed Money Boxes.  A beautiful representation of Man’s Best friend in ceramic, these boxes have a great ornamental value, as well as serving their intended purpose to help you save.  They are available in many different designs, including Labrador, Jack Russell and Spaniel, and are sure to look fantastic on your desk.


Pewter Bookmarks


If you have to do a bit of research in the office, or simply hide away in there to get a bit of peaceful ‘alone’ time with the latest bestseller, why not consider a solid Pewter Bookmark?  The products in our range come in a variety of country themes from faithful gundogs to equestrian motifs and are beautifully detailed to look fabulous poking out from the cover of your book.  They are also specially designed to avoid causing damage to your favourite tomes.


Office Stationery with a Country Look

fishing flies padblock

Put a bit of personality into your writing with a selection of our Country Inspired Stationery!  Whether you are writing a heartfelt letter to a friend not seen for years, or simply jotting out a ‘to do’ list, our wonderful notepads and cards can help you to show off your passion for country pursuits, and may even help you to keep you mind on the more mundane bits of writing you may be tasked with (although, we can’t promise that!)  These cards and pads also make for fine 'Thank You' notes after the festive period.

We hope that we have inspired you to impose a little country style for the look of your office.  Take a look at the full range of Office Accessories and Stationery at Country and Home to really kit out this often forgotten about room of the home.

Post By Sadie