As we are now hurtling towards December, we hope that you have most of your Christmas plans in motion.  Oh, we understand that a busy modern life can make these preparations difficult to firm up, but just starting to think about the plan of attack for the festive season can help to alleviate the last minute uncertainties, and the stresses and strains that come from it.  Believe us; we are by no means finished and completely ready!  But the general details have been sketched out, with all the details that make Christmas perfect ready to be added in piece by piece.

The country home is a source of constant activity at the best of times, but at Christmas it is an even jollier place, full of noise and laughter.  The dining room is often where this merriment is staged, as there is no better party than a dinner party.  Here at Country and Home, we have a range of products to help you get just the right welcoming feel for your dining room, whether for a Christmas meal or simply for a candlelight supper with your honoured peers.


Special Settings with Coasters, Tablemats and Napkins


Because the best way to make a guest feel welcome is to put plenty of thought into the area in which they will be spending their time.  Devoting this little area of your own space to them and their comfort will help them to feel at ease.  The table setting is, of course, a great way to do this, not only ensuring that your guest has everything that they need, but also that it looks fabulous.


Table Water and Entertainment with Gluggle Jugs


No matter the glittering personalities around your dining table, you will still find that, at some point, the conversation may start to wane; a Gluggle Jug always makes for an interesting talking point to get the conversation flowing once again! As well as serving the imperative for a jug of water for the table, the unique design will fascinate your guests and provide entertainment as it is poured and the air is released from the tail, emitting the characteristic ‘glug glug’ sound as it does so.


Offering the Finest Cheese Board



The cheese course is a fantastic way to round off a good meal, and very fitting of the country home given that our rural location often allows access to the finest local dairy products.  Serve them in a way that fits their calibre on one of our country-inspired cheese boards.  And of course, you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect cheese knives for the occasion too…


After Dinner Drinks with Stylish Accessories


After dinner, your guests are sure to be pleased to be offered the chance to ‘chew the cud’ about the various facets of the dinner conversation with a relaxing after dinner drink.  This is a wonderful time to delight them with your personality in the form of our Drinks Cabinet Accessories.  Why not stem the flow of wine with a Country Pheasant Bottle Stopper for the shooting sport enthusiast?  Or open a bottle of real ale with a Trout Bottle Opener for the gent that spends all of his spare time on the river?

We hope that we have given you plenty of inspiration to hold a fine dinner party, with country style and aplomb.  Why not browse our whole selection of Kitchen and Dining Accessories at Country and Home, to ensure you are well prepared for this most sociable of seasons?

Post By Sadie