Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the 25th December is a national holiday and so provides us with the perfect opportunity to get together with our family and friends, and indulge in some delicious homemade food, a festive tipple, and listen to those 50-year-old Christmas songs that we all know so well.

It is also a great excuse to get dressed in your ‘Sunday best’ and take some family snaps. In today’s busy world, we often miss out on opportunities to take pictures together, and so Christmas day gives us all a reason to make an effort, dress up, and fill up the family albums!

Coming from a rather ‘traditional’ family, my grandfather and father always dress well, and on Christmas day, they both wear a gorgeous country tie to lunch.  Providing the rest of us with the perfect gift idea, these country ties have become quite the family tradition, as we each compete to find the ‘best’ tie.

Soprano country ties are made in the finest silk materials, and are available in a range of country themes. Hunting, Fishing, Racing and game birds are just some of the designs to be found amongst their collection, and they come in just about every colour in the spectrum.

Soft and lightweight, Soprano silk ties are long enough to cater for every tie knot, and make wonderful stocking fillers.  So why not treat your loved ones to a special country tie this Christmas, and start a family ‘tradition’ of your own.

Post By Marc