I find people watching an extremely interesting pastime; I am not sure whether it is natural curiosity, or if I am just nosey! However, I love to look at what other people are wearing and how they are wearing it.

At my friend’s wedding last weekend, for example, I could not help but notice the many different types of neckties that the male guests were sporting.  From bright, colourful, to plain, and patterned, every single man wore a completely different tie, which mostly reflected his personality.

As the spring/summer season is upon us, many of the wedding guests chose to wear a country tie, featuring traditional British countryside themes and sporting activities such as hunting, racing and fishing.

Country Silk Tie by Soprano

The way the men tied their tie knots tended to vary according to generation, with the younger men going for a grand, bold Windsor knot while the more mature men, seemed to lean towards the four-in-hand, a smaller more simplistic knot.

Then there are the tie clips; originally designed to prevent a gentleman’s tie flapping or slipping into his soup, they are now highly fashionable items that come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.

However the men chose to wear their tie, they all looked resplendent in their wedding attire, something I feel they would not have achieved without a beautiful country tie, the perfect adornment to any outfit.

Post By Marc