When dressing in your Sunday best you cannot go wrong with a classic country tie.  Smart, stylish and with a hint of our beautiful countryside, the country tie is the ultimate accessory that turns simple clothing into an outfit.

Our luxury tie collection comes directly from Soprano, one of the UK's leading menswear accessory suppliers. Classic in design and featuring a range of different patterns, these beautiful ties are made from 100% silk and complement a range of styles be it your business suit, hunting outfit for simply jeans and a white shirt.

This stunning dark blue country tie features pheasants in flight across the entire surface.  A great tie for those who enjoy hunting or shooting, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear and looks lovely when tied with a full Windsor knot.

For our racing fans, this beautiful dark green tie has an unusual saddle and jockey shirts design. Simple yet stylish this country tie can be worn on a daily basis for work or saved for special occasions.

If you prefer a ‘busy’ pattern then this lovely red silk tie is the one for you.  It features pheasants in pairs across the entire surface and looks stunning when set next to a pure white shirt.

We must not forget our anglers, and this attractive green tie with a fly-fishing design is sure to appeal to those who enjoy this wonderful sport.  Complementing a range of styles, this country tie is great to wear when competing at your local river or simply when going for Sunday lunch.

Make the most of this Sunday and dress in your best with a classic country tie.

Post By Marc