Beautiful Hip Flasks by the English Pewter Company

When you think of a collectable item, things like stamps, coins or perhaps fine arts come to mind, but in effect, a collectable item can be any item that one enjoys, and takes the time to collect.

There are no rules when it comes to collecting, be it silk ties, pottery and china, or simply a great collection of your favourite coffee mugs, if you find something you enjoy and would like to expand your collection, then let your friends and family know – it make’s gifting much easier!

High on many collectors’ lists, are collectable items with a country theme.  China featuring delightful countryside creatures, beautiful silk ties that following hunting or fishing themes and elegantly designed hip flasks all make perfect country gifts for the collector.

This beautiful oval serving plate, features wonderful artwork by Richard Bramble.  Matching a variety of different items in the Richard Bramble collection, such as mugs, pourers and kitchen linens, this serving platter would make a beautiful addition to any collectors display.

Made from hardwearing porcelain, this platter features a delightful Salmon picture and has Salmon related facts artistically written around the rim.

A luxury silk tie collection is both beautiful and practical.  They can be worn every day, saved for special occasions, or simply displayed in a beautiful glass cabinet.  With such a wide variety of country inspired themes and colours available, you will always find that perfect country gift.

Mugs are another great collectable item, and I am quite partial to them myself.  Traditional and classic or modern and humorous, the variety of mugs available is vast.

The mugs in the Bryn Parry Studios collection are made of the finest quality bone china, and are made right here in the UK.  Featuring fun designs and great slogans, they make lovely country gifts for those with a great sense of humour.

Post By Marc