We have recently introduced a beautiful collection of ceramics to our country gifts collection by London based studio – Aiga Ceramics.

A collection put together by Latvian artist Aiga Siceva-Sattler, all items are handmade in English creamware or Limoges white earthenware and decorated with black silhouettes of various figures and animals.  A delightful collection, it will complement both modern and traditional homes, and bring a touch of monochrome into the kitchen.

The mugs in the Aiga Ceramics collection would make a lovely country gift idea for friends, and they are available in a range of different designs including foxes, pigs, deer, and country sporting themes such as angling and horse riding.

Durable and dishwasher safe, these beautiful mugs will appeal to everyone.

A great set for the dinner table, the Hunter and Pheasant Salt & Pepper pots in the Aiga Ceramics collection are made from Limoges white earthenware and feature two different designs, a hunter and a pheasant in flight.

A contemporary set it will never go out of fashion and may become quite a collector’s item in years to come.

With various sized bowls completing the Aiga Ceramics collection, there is the perfect country gift for everyone.


Post By Marc