Bryn Parry began cartooning full time in 1985.  A former member of the Royal Green Jackets Military; Bryn decided to leave the army and turn his hobby of cartooning
into a new career.

Although he had no formal training, Bryn started a small picture framing business in Wiltshire.  He developed a range of high quality cartoon frames featuring caricatures, which soon became popular the world over, and by 1993 he had even supplied the White House.

The stunning Mugs displayed on this page are from the Bryn Parry Studios' best selling range.

Crafted in fine bone china, and manufactured in the UK in Stoke on Trent; they are all dishwasher safe and have the capacity to hold just under half a pint of liquid.

Showing a variety of different themes, such as hunting, fishing and racing, these mugs will make a perfect gift for any collector, Country gentleman or lady.

Bryn Parry Changing Flies Mug

The "Changing Flies" mug features a fisherman stood in the river trying to change his fly with a few fish leaping around behind him.
Ideal for the fisherman in your life, this amusing mug is perfect for afternoon tea by the river.

Bryn Parry Bombing Pheasant Mug

The "Bombing Pheasants" mug features a huntsman stood with his dog on one side, the other has a pair of flying pheasants with their wings outstretched, flying hats on and a bomb under each wing! A humorous gift for any hunter.

Bryn Parry Good dog / Bad dog Mug

Our particular favourite is the "Good Dog / Bad Dog" mug.  A hilarious scene of a ‘good dog’ on one side, sat perfectly presenting his master a pheasant, while the other side has a ‘bad dog’ running away with a pheasant in his mouth.

Sure to bring a smile to every face, make your Country gift a Bryn Parry Mug.

Please note - Only one mug included, both sides of the mug have been included to show the full image.

Post By Marc