Quail Ceramics have been making high quality, country giftware items for over 20 years. Inspired by beautiful birds, cats, and countryside animals, Quail Ceramics turn their designs into beautiful pieces of fine china for us to enjoy at home.

A wonderful gift for every country kitchen, the eggcups in this delightful collection are brightly coloured, and will appeal to both children and adults.

In the form of chickens, foxes, dogs and cows, these fine china eggcups are perfect for filling those Christmas stockings, and a set of six would make an impressive gift for those moving into a new home.

As a dog lover, I find the dog inspired eggcups in this country gift collection to be exquisite.  With two different Border collie designs and a rather cute Jack Russell, there is something for everyone in this selection, and they will add a novel twist to your breakfast table.

Chickens and game birds make up the beautiful country bird collection. All made in fine bone china, these eggcups are hand-painted and heavily glazed to create a hardwearing, decorative piece for your kitchen.

Then we come to our pretty fox eggcups that would make a wonderful country gift for any hunting enthusiast or those that live in the countryside.  Perfect for encouraging your children to eat eggs, these pretty gift items add decoration to your home while being practical items that one can use on a daily basis.

When choosing a country gift for the home, you really cannot go wrong with a piece of fine china, so discover the Quail Ceramic collection today and bring a touch of beautiful British wildlife into your home.

Post By Marc