With Valentine's Day looming on the horizon, many of us face and exquisite dilemma.  Being the wrong side of our teenage years to care too much about it, but wanting to offer a token to our loved one (and, lets be honest, it would be nice to receive one too!) and celebrate our time together.

And that's just the first of many...

What do you do for Valentine's Day?  Is an intimate meal at home going to seem romantic or cheap? Do you get a Valentine's card covered in fluffy and faux sentiment? Or opt for a plain card that has the right feel, but no message?  What to write to express our feelings perfectly?  What about the perfect gift?  Where do you find such an elusive article in the typical Valentine's Day haze of heart-toting teddy bears?

Well, we may be able to help with that last one, at least!

Valentine's Day

Look no further than the Arundell Arms Shop! Browse at your leisure through our range of tasteful items that are sure to strike the right note between thoughtful and romantic.

If you need inspiration for the lady in your heart, you are sure to find it here!  Is she constantly warming her icy cold feet on your warm shins of an evening?  Why not gift a pair of chic faux fur boot liners to help her stay toasty?  Does she complain that you don't even know how she likes her eggs in the morning?  Why not one of our cute animal-themed egg cups coupled with a promise of breakfast in bed?  Are you constantly being enlisted to find tiny earring backs on the carpet?  Why not a stunning jewellery box to keep all her finery safe and in order?

Fawn Pug with Egg CupJewellery Boxes


Or perhaps you are struggling to to find something just right for the gentleman in your life? Does he enjoy a good tipple of an evening or like to show off his single malt to guests?  How about a really special engraved crystal tumbler or decanter to really display it to its best advantage?  Would he rather be fishing than working?  Maybe a fishing design tie will allow him to take a little bit of his passion into the office with him?  Or perhaps you've noticed that your gentle 'life guidance' has created a new favoured saying?  In this case our 'Yes Deer' mug might be just the thing!

Green Fly Fishing Design Silk Country TieYes Deer Bone China Mug




Whatever you decide on, we are sure that your loved one will appreciate the quality of our giftware, and treasure it for years to come.  We hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day together, however you decide to spend it.

Post By Sadie