Are you finding it hard to find an unusual gift? Something that's unique and original?

I find that Piggy Banks make wonderful gifts for both children and adults alike.  A popular collector's item, these beautifully crafted items make a stunning display in any home.

It is suggested that Piggy banks date right back to the 17th century. There are a couple of different theories as to how the name came about; but it is believed that they originally started out as "Pygg Jars".

Back in those days, "Pygg" was a type of clay used to make general household items such as pots and jars, and as people often saved their coins in these kitchen jars - the name "Pygg jar" was born.

The name latter evolved and by the late 18th century the term "Piggy Bank" was used.

The selection of money boxes by Quail ceramics, are beautifully finished and would make a wonderful country gift. In a variety of animal designs, you can find a suitable saver for all ages.

The British Saddle Back Pig design money box is a lovely hand painted ceramic money box which has been heavily glazed. The coin slot is positioned in the middle of the pig's back; the rubber bung for emptying is placed on the underside.

In keeping with the British theme, the Gloucester Old Spot pig is another beautiful example of the Piggy banks created by Quail ceramics. The white pig with black spots has been hand painted and finished with a heavy glaze.

For those looking to move away from the traditional design, the Fox Money Box is a beautiful alternative. At 15cm tall, this ceramic money box has the coin slot positioned at the back of the fox's head between its ears. The money box can be emptied by removing the rubber bung on the base.

So choose a hand-painted money box as a perfect country gift.

Post By Marc