All of us have our own personal style and taste, that’s what makes our world all the more interesting.

Choosing an item of clothing for someone else can be a daunting task, even if you know them well and are familiar with their personal style. So here are my tips to help you pick out the perfect country tie for the man in your life.

If the person you are buying for wears ties on a regular basis, they will probably be familiar with all of the different types of tie knots, and have a favourite.  A gentleman preferring a Windsor knot needs a longer tie (as the knot takes up a lot of the material) so this should be taken into consideration.

A gentleman, who wears ties on a regular basis may always go for a particular style, be it bright and colourful, patterned, stripped or simply a plain classic tie.  While you may be tempted to go for something completely different to what they usually wear, I would recommend you stick to what you know will work and what your gentleman will enjoy wearing over and over again.

Country Tie by Soprano

For those men that only wear ties on special occasions, you can let your imagine run wild! Think of something that will match their personality, such as a bright patterned tie for a “bubbly”, open person who likes to be the centre of attention; a luxury silk tie in a subtle shade for the connoisseur, and a themed country tie for the sporting fanatic.

High quality ties make wonderful gifts, something that can be worn everyday or saved for those special occasions. No gentleman’s wardrobe would be complete without these wonderful accessories, so take a look at our collection - beautiful ties for every man.

I hope these tips help, and please feel free to send me your feedback!

Post By Marc