With the upcoming birthday of my grandfather, I find myself on my annual pilgrimage to find a suitable gift for this 83 year old British gentleman.
As he is a huge fan of the English Countryside and the sporting events found in its environment, such as fishing and hunting; I always endeavour to find a gift that he will enjoy; something that will bring a smile to his beautifully aged face.

After a brief consultation with the boss (my grandmother) it was agreed that I would get him a Country themed silk tie; something suitable to wear to Ascot this year.
Coming from an era where appearance is everything, and with a "clothes make the man" attitude, my grandfather is always immaculately dressed so purchasing an item of clothing for him is a daunting task!

I set off in search of the "perfect tie".  When you are looking for something like this, you can generally never find it, so when I came across the selection offered by the Arundell Arms shop, I was please to know that my search was over and that any one of these ties would be greatly appreciated.

The stunning range offered on this website makes it easy to find something suitable for any taste or occasion, and after pondering over the Green Fly fishing design and the Blue Pheasant design, I finally settled on the Yellow Jockey Country Silk Tie, by Soprano (well, it is for Ascot after all). Made using the highest quality of materials, this fine silk tie will complement any country gentleman's attire, and I just know my grandfather is going to love it!

It has a luxurious finish and once gift wrapped and presented; it makes a simply stunning gift.

Another pilgrimage over.  Better start thinking about what to get him for Christmas!

Post By Marc