Can you believe it is the 1st of July already?  Where the year has gone I do not know, but we are more than half way through it and are officially in Summer time.

The children will be breaking up from school over the next few weeks, and I am busily trying to create a schedule to suit all the family.

The amount of wedding invitations we have received for this summer is quite stunning. I am not sure if it has anything to do with our Royals William & Kate, but it seems romance is in the air and almost every weekend a relative or friend of ours is tying the knot.

Never one to complain about the opportunity to buy a new outfit, I quite like the shopping frenzy all these weddings are sending me into, but my husband – well, let’s just say I will be making frequent visits to the dry cleaners with his “perfectly good suit”!

In the attempt to change the appearance of this suit, I will be mixing and matching a great collection of shirts and country ties, to complete the outfit.

A new tie can make a huge difference to an outfit, and with so many lovely colours and themes to choose from, I am sure I can create a different “look” for every wedding.

Soprano country ties are a firm favourite, made from only the finest silk and featuring subtle yet detailed designs, they complement an outfit without overpowering it.

My husband loves anything to do with the countryside, fishing, hunting, riding and hiking – if he can do it outdoors, he is happy, so a country tie with an “outdoorsy theme” will not only look great, but he will wear it with pride.

Officially organised for summer - my husband’s wardrobe is complete, just two small children, a teenager, and myself to go!

Post By Marc