Whether you celebrate Easter or not; the long weekend upon us is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family.

Be it a sporting event, lunch, or just afternoon drinks by the river - use the excuse to get dressed in your best and have a fun day in the sun with your friends.

My personal opinion is that a gentleman's attire is never complete without a beautiful tie. So rather than buying Easter Eggs, this year I will be buying Country inspired Ties for the men in my family.

In a variety of different colours, shapes, sizes and materials; it is easy to find a tie that the man in your life will love; a tie that will suit their individual personality.

Silk ties are fantastic to wear during the day; the light, breathable material makes them an effortless accessory.

Soprano ties have always been extremely popular with my family, and their luxury silk range always makes a welcome gift for my three older brothers. They each have such different personalities and hobbies that buying the same gift for all three would never do.

The eldest is a keen fisherman, he's not very good at it, but he's keen!  So a silk tie featuring any kind of fishing theme makes a perfect gift for him.

The "middle" brother is a hunter; he likes to spend every spare moment out in the countryside, trying (generally in vain!) to capture some wild game for dinner. Soprano's range of Country inspired ties make this easy for me, with ties featuring foxes, pheasants and dogs, I can quickly find something that he will love.

My youngest brother doesn't really have any specific hobbies, as long as he is outdoors - he is happy! So I think I will be choosing a tie from the Paisley range for him.  In beautiful colours, with a conservative twist these ties can be worn year after year and will always remain in fashion.

Silk Tie with matching cuff-links

Country Ties - right for any occasion.

Post By Marc