It is going to be a busy year here in the UK what with the London Olympics and the Queens Jubilee.  A chance for England to shine, the Olympics is sure to draw a miscellany of foreign tourists to London and the Queens Jubilee will see patriotic Brits from across the country holding street parties within their local community to commemorate this auspicious event.

With an extra ‘Diamond Jubilee’ bank holiday on Tuesday 5th June we can all enjoy an extra long weekend, and if you are going to be celebrating along with the rest of the country why not do so in style with one of our gorgeous Country Ties!

Bright, colourful and complementing both formal and casual attire, our Country Ties are made in 100% silk and feature a range of attractive designs.

A stunning example would be the Paisley silk tie by Soprano.  Traditional, stylish and elegant, this paisley tie is finished in shades of green, burgundy and blue that will complement both business suits or simply jeans and a white shirt.  A country tie that will never go out of fashion – the Queen is sure to approve!

What could be more appropriate for the Diamond Jubilee than a Royal Blue Tie?  Soprano silk country ties come in a range of bold colours, and we think this woven tie decorated with jockey shirts and saddles is perfect for such an event.

If you prefer something elegant and understated, this rich red country tie features just a single pheasant design that sits under the knot of the tied tie. A stunning design that will complement almost every item in the wardrobe, it will match perfectly with your union jack flag!

The Diamond Jubilee is all about celebrating the best of Britain so why not dress in your best and show the world how wonderful we are!



Post By Marc