There is no doubt about it, adding a beautiful country tie will turn an ordinary suit into a wonderful outfit.

Favoured by men across Great Britain, smart and luxurious country ties are fitting for every occasion, and remain fashionable year after year.

While the weather is somewhat misleading, we are actually in autumn and so it is a great time to unpack our winter attire and add some gorgeous autumnal shades to our wardrobes.  Rich reds, dark greens and mustard yellows are in abundance in our countryside, and these beautiful colours are now available in the form of stylish country ties.

While some might see red ties as bold or even aggressive, I find them to be simply stunning when worn against a pure white shirt.

The red silk ties in our Soprano collection feature unique country designs, such as hunting, equestrian and fishing themes, that will complement a range of formal and informal attire. Made from the finest silk materials, these luxurious neckties are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.

In the autumn months the fields and countryside seems to be ‘greener’ than ever.  A beautiful green country tie will add a touch of class to your outfit, and it is one of the few colours to complement the other shades of the spectrum.

A rich golden yellow tie complements the season perfectly.  Suiting a range of styles and outfits, a yellow country tie will stand out beautifully against a dark business or formal suit, bringing a touch of countryside to your day.

Post By Marc