If you take a walk through the British Countryside the chances of spotting a Pheasant is pretty good. Large, long-tailed game birds, they are a part of British history dating back to the 10th century and are reared extensively by gamekeepers.

As with most bird species, the females are mottled and brown while the males are a rich chestnut with bright and colourful plumage around their head.

Stunning creatures, Pheasants are often used as inspiration when it comes to designing country gifts, and the country tie collection by Soprano includes some stunning designs.

Soprano Country Tie

A traditional design that will suit many different outfits, this brown silk tie in subtle shades of the countryside combined with a variety of pheasant designs, would make a wonderful gift for the game hunting enthusiast.

The beautiful birds really stand out and their colours show through this fine silk material.

Soprano Country Tie

A smaller, neater design this beautiful soft yellow country tie depicts small flying pheasants that cover the entire surface.  The silk fabric is soft to the touch and light to wear and the colour lends itself to a range of different country attire.

Soprano Luxury Silk Tie

Perfect for business, sporting and social events, this rich green silk country tie is from Soprano’s luxury collection should be a staple part of any country gentleman’s wardrobe.

Smart sophisticated and bearing just one detailed pheasant that sits underneath the knot, this is a great tie and the perfect accessory.

Soprano offer many other pheasant designs in their country tie collection, so discover the right one for the man in your life and treat them to a luxury country gift.

Post By Marc