Those of you that are already familiar with us here at The Arundell Arms will know that we are crazy about our canine pals.  So much so that we are featured in the Dog Friendly Places to Stay Guide.  You'll probably have even met (either vicariously on our social media or in person at the Arundell) our beloved black labrador, Basil.

adam and basil

So you can imagine how delighted we are to present to you our stunning range of Gifts for Dog Lovers.

We have picked a selection of our favourite dog-themed gifts to show you today.  There are plenty in the labrador variety as we just couldn't resist!  But we have all sorts of breeds represented in our Dog Gifts section...from labrador to pug and spaniel to collie...

scarve pepper moneybox labcoaster eggcup





















spantray spantea spanpepper spanoven

colliecoast collieegg colliejug


pug clock pugegg pugmoney pugpepper


































































That's right, Dog Gifts in the shape of everything you can think of. From keyrings to tea towels, money boxes to egg cups.  We even have this keyring on our keys!  It's nice and easy for finding in your pockets after a long walk with our canine companion, and looks great too.

keyring We are sure to have the dog gift for you and yours.  And we know as dog lovers ourselves, that we'd love to be gifted anything from this tasteful collection.  And as always with the Arundell Arms Shop, you can rest assured that our giftware is of the highest quality.





Post By Sadie