Happy Boxing Day everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and that you received everything you wished for – and if you did, it seems you are one of few.

A recent survey by website Gumtree.com, suggests that us Britons spend an average of £2.4billion on unwanted Christmas presents each year, with mothers being the worst culprits!  So, if find yourself surrounded in socks and smelly sets, it might be time to exchange those gifts for something you really want instead.

Changing presents has never been easier, but how do you ask someone for the receipt?  It is a sensitive subject, and one that many of us would rather not raise, but honesty is always the best policy and I am sure most gift givers would prefer to know we are exchanging their gift for something we really love.

So be brave, ask for that receipt, return that facial hair trimmer, and invest the money in some beautiful country gifts for your home instead.

Our country gifts collection includes a whole range of beautiful items such as porcelain and chinaware, silver and pewter photo frames, bronze sculptures, office accessories and a selection of country themed gifts to complement every room.

Available to order online, you new country gifts will be on their way in no time, brightening up January and bringing a touch of countryside into your home.






Post By Marc