Creating the perfect homestead is something we all aspire to.  The definition of perfect, of course, varies depending on taste!  At The Arundell Arms we specialise in home and giftware items with a country character, and our home accessories are no different.

The kitchen is often the busiest room of the home, and one of the most important to get just right.  If you long for the cosy vintage cottage charm of yesteryear with the heat of the freshly caught fish being cooked warming the water for gently for the evening ablutions, or the working country kitchen feel that evokes the smell of freshly baked rustic bread cooling on the worktop, then we’ve got the accessories you need to fit out your kitchen accordingly.

One of our most popular country kitchen pieces is the Gluggle Jug.  Created from a design used for years by Wade Ceramics, Gluggle Jugs are a vintage staple.  Available in a wide variety of colours to suit your décor, these items are a practical addition to the kitchen or dining room for many daily applications.  Whether it’s a vessel for your table water or holding the milk for the family’s morning cereal, it will always charm and enchant with it’s character and distinctive ‘glug glug’ noise when poured, caused by air escaping from the tail.

blackglug blueglug






The country lifestyle within the kitchen is characterised by bountiful natural produce; overflowing vegetable racks filled with organic and home-grown gems, a bowl full of fruits of the season, jam cooling on the windowsill, and best of all, real butter.  Of course, the only way to keep your butter is in a ceramic butter dish, perfectly suited to its use.  Why not pay homage to the cows that produced your butter, with one adorning the top of your butter dish as a handle?

jerseybutter harebutter





Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And to keep fit and strong for all those country walks, you’ll need some good protein to start you off right.  One of our favourite ways to do this is with a good old boiled egg and soldiers!  A great breakfast for all ages, this is nutritious and is a great way to use up any surplus free range eggs from the chicken coup.  Amaze and entertain children (and those that are young at heart!) with a delightful animal themed egg cup.  Available to represent different dog breeds or iconic country animals, we’re sure to have one to suit your table.

pheasanteggcup collieeggcup






And to help you keep an eye on the time whilst you are busy in the kitchen, we have a range of beautiful clocks that not only tell you when it is time for ‘walkies’ but remind you too!  Our clocks come in a range of shapes representative of your favoured dog, cat or racehorse, and feature a tail that wags on the second; a lovely addition to any kitchen.

horseclock catclock






And there’s much more besides!  From decorative pieces with hidden uses for your dining table, to practical items with a rustic style you can find the perfect accent for your kitchen in The Arundell Arms range.

Post By Sadie