Well it is raining again and so our usual Sunday walk in the countryside is likely to be postponed in favour of a movie or two, some popcorn and a huge Sunday roast dinner instead!  While I would like to think we are a ‘hardy’ family, as the children get older their enthusiasm for such walks is waning and I feel it will not be long before us oldies set off on our own.

My parents still head out into the great British countryside every Sunday, no matter what the weather is doing, and I only recently found out that they remain warm and happy on such walks with the help of a country gift we brought them in the past – a hipflask!

Apparently a ‘little nip’ of your favourite tipple does wonders for keeping the cold at bay, and when combined with some warm clothing, a brisk step and a comfortable pair of walking shoes, your winter walks can be just  as pleasant and those in spring.

The hipflask we brought my parents some years ago is rather dated, so this has given me the perfect country gift idea for their anniversary in March.

English Pewter Company Hipflask

The gorgeous hipflasks found in the English Pewter Company’s encapsulated range make stunning country gifts for any occasion.  Made from quality lead free English Pewter, they each feature a different cast Pewter emblem set against a beautiful colour background, and carry 6oz of your favourite tipple.

Complete with a presentation box, these flasks appeal to both men and women, and I just know my mother is going to love it!

Hipflask & Drinking Cups

For those longer walks, the Black leatherette Stainless steel travel cup set from the same English Pewter Company collection contains three individual 6oz flasks and three travel cups, so you can carry your three favourite beverages wherever you go!

A wonderful country gift idea for anyone who enjoys the countryside, this lovely set is not only useful but it looks great too!

So if you are heading out for a spot of fresh air today, do not forget to take your hipflask – just in case that cold air gets too much to bear!





Post By Marc