The heart of hamlets and villages everywhere, the ladies of the country exude a certain class and sophistication.  Although it may not be a talked about fashion 'look', there is definitely a style to be found here, and a desirable one it is too.

The rural or country look is often more talked about for the gents than it is for the ladies, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist!  With the advent of the country kitchen style, this too is a fashion that is evocative of a lifestyle.  The country style lady is a mass of contradictions, accessories and poise.

She is feminine, a lady in a dress that can be found watching the races with a glass of bubbly; she is practical, often to be found doing just as well as any man at riding, fishing, or indeed anything else she chooses; she is nurturing, donning a pair of boots, socks and a warm coat to walk the dog and pick up the groceries to feed the family from the farmers market in her shopping bag.  The shopping bag, of course, being her accessory of choice for the occasion, the country lady shops local and cares for her environment, displaying this choice armed with a reusable bag and plenty of pride.


Her fashion has to be all these things too.  Warm and comfortable enough to allow her to keep on moving with her busy calendar of community and family events that make her life in the country so full, but stylish enough to be seen in, as country ladies are sure to have a kind word to say to all they come across in the town.

Footwear is a particularly important factor.  You can't always guarantee smooth pavements in the rural community like you can in a city, stilettos simply aren't practical accessories here in the country. These boots have got to be made for walking to market, across moorland fields and maybe even to ford the odd river!


Wellies and waterproof boots are often chilly and unyielding.  So a good pair of socks or a luxury boot liner or topper helps her to keep those precious toes warm and dry, and even stylish to boot!


At Country and Home, we salute the hard-working and community-oriented country lady!  Why not try this look out for yourself with our range of beautiful Ladies' Country Accessories?

Post By Sadie