Update your wardrobe in 2012 with our fantastic new collection of country ties by Soprano.  Bright colourful and in a range of different styles including Shooting, Hunting, Equestrian and Fishing themes, our country ties look great, and might be just what you need to bring some colour to your conservative business suits.

Quality country ties such as those found in the Soprano collection complement a whole range of different outfits, from sporty and casual wear, to business and formal attire. Made of 100% pure silk, these lightweight ties are comfortable to wear, and they are slightly longer so you can tie your preferred knot.

Soprano pride themselves on beautiful country ties, and their luxury collection has something for every man, no matter if you prefer classic and traditional or modern and fashionable.

So why not stock up for 2012 and stride into the New Year with a bright and beautiful country tie.



Post By Marc