Well that’s it for another year! The party season is officially over and millions of us head back to work today.  Squeezing into those business suits is always tricky after Christmas, and if your waistband is a little tighter than you had hoped then you have two options: hit the gym, or create a distraction!

If the gym is not something on your agenda in 2012 then a great selection of country ties might be just the thing you need to brighten up your work wardrobe and attract attention to your neckline rather than your waistline.

Soprano country ties are available in a range of different colours and styles, and they complement business suits beautifully. Made in 100% silk, these stylish accessories are comfortable to wear and long enough to cater for every knot preference.

A great example would be the bright and beautiful red country tie in the Soprano luxury collection. Featuring a design of fishing tackle and fish, it is perfect for every angler, and will brighten up a business suit in an instant.

Something for the racing fan, the bright blue Jockey tie in the Soprano collection, features a great design of jockey shirts and horse saddles.  Bringing a splash of welcome colour to any outfit, this country tie will go with everything.

Soprano’s gold country tie with a flying duck design will appeal to all the hunters out there and looks great with business suits of every colour.  Subtle, yet stunning, this is a great country tie for the office and suitable for every occasion.

With the right accessories, no one need know about your festive indulgence, so invest in a collection of colourful country ties and brighten up those business suits!




Post By Marc