As we advance towards spring and the opening of the 2012 fly-fishing season, now is the perfect time to give your fishing rods and tackle a good check over to see if any maintenance is required, fill your fly box with some quality flies, and get your fishing outfit ready for that first day on the river.

A fly vest with plenty of pockets for all your bits and bobs, a lightweight waterproof jacket and a sturdy pair of waders are just about all ones needs for a successful day fly-fishing, just add a packed lunch, patience, and a sense of humour and you are ready to go!

One item many anglers seem to forget is a quality pair of sunglasses.  While spring may not be the sunniest time of the year, the sun is still strong and the UV rays reflecting off the water can be both distracting and dangerous, so a pair of sunglasses specifically made for sports men & women will help project you eyes and give you a clearer view over the river.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are designed to be used by sports men and women who need quality sunglasses that remain firmly in place no matter how tough the conditions become.  Made from the highest quality materials, the frames consist of a fusion of Nylon and Hydrolite® and the lenses are available in either ‘Light WAVE’ glass or polycarbonate.

Strong, durable, comfortable and practical, these stylish sunglasses meet all American National Standards and come complete with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturers defects, so they are the perfect investment for any regular angler.

Costa Del Mar fly-fishing sunglasses come in a range of different colours and designs and you get to choose both the colour of the frame and lenses to create your ideal pair.

The Man-O-War Sunglasses in this collection remain a firm customer favourite, and the striking design complements the larger face.  With removable side shields, they offer maximum protection against UV rays and seawater, so no matter how rough the conditions become, your eyes will remain protected.

If you could do with a great pair of sunglasses for your next fly-fishing trip, discover Costa Del Mar and invest in some quality sporting eye-wear for spring!




Post By Marc