It might be nearly Easter but it certainly has turned cold again hasn’t it! Well, hopefully the warm weather will return again for the Bank Holiday, but in the mean time we have a number of excellent country gifts to help you through these brisk spring mornings!

The fly fishing season is well under way, and there’s nothing better than being out on the water in the early morning, the sun climbing over the light mist in the river valley. Beautiful, but chilly at the moment! We are reliably informed that a little nip of your favourite tipple can take the edge off the chill, and our fantastic range of hip flasks are great for taking a sip of something with you on a fishing trip.

Fly fishing hip flask country giftsFly fishing hip flask country giftFly fishing hip flask country gift

We have a number of stainless steel flasks that are ideal country gifts for the fly fishing enthusiast. Elegantly designed with a small image in the bottom corner, there’s not a more stylish fishing accessory to carry with you out on the river! The cap is attached to the flask with a hinge so there’s no risk of it being lost or dropped in the water.

In addition to our stainless steel flasks we have a range of different styles including leather, pewter and even one in the shape of a shotgun cartridge! Hip flasks make very thoughtful country gifts for many occasions, and will be enjoyed right through to the winter.

Post By Marc