Believe it or not Father's Day is right around the corner, so if you haven't already it's time to get thinking of that perfect gift to give your Dad on June 17th. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some of the country gifts we have for Father's Day, but if your father is less of a cufflinks and matching tie kind of man and more the outdoors type then we have a number of gifts that are perfect for him!

Guideline LPXE, country gifts for father's day

If your Dad has been out enjoying the fishing season since that period of heavy rain turned into summer sunshine, one of our Guideline LPXE fly fishing rods makes a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Light and perfectly balanced for shooting head applications, these rods are a favourite among fishing enthusiasts and without doubt the best value fast actions rods on the market. Delivered in a Cordura tube with cloth bag, he will love a new fishing rod this Father’s Day!

country gifts for father's dayThe start of the shooting season is just two months away, and if your Father can’t wait to get out on a shoot we have a number of cartridge bags that are perfect gifts for the new season. Made from beautifully soft buffalo hide, these cartridge bags from Moss Leather guarantee the durability and strength needed in reliable bags whilst remaining functional and stylish thanks to a stitched and riveted construction with brass fittings. Although the time for shooting is a few weeks away yet, if your Dad is a fan of the shoot he’ll love one of these bags as something to start his preparations for the season!

For more terrific country gifts for Father’s Day visit our website where you will find a huge variety of quality gifts that any Dad will be thrilled to receive on June 17th. Don’t forget our Father’s Day Country Gifts board on Pinterest – we will be updating it with more great gift ideas right up until the day!

Post By Marc