The great British idiom “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” is one of the most commonly used phrases when it comes to money, and in today’s ‘economic crisis’ we should all perhaps save that little bit extra.

Saving for a rainy day might be a good idea, but rather than handing your hard-earned pennies over to the bank, why not treat yourself to a traditional moneybox and save the old-fashioned way!

Money boxes or ‘Piggy banks’ as they are more commonly known, have been around for centuries and continue to make great gifts for both young children and older collector’s.  Cute, practical and a great tool for encouraging kids to save their pocket money, Piggy banks come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and look adorable in any room of the home.

Made by Quail ceramics, our traditional piggy banks are replicas of the pigs found in our great British countryside, making them perfect country gifts.

A delightful example would be the Gloucester Old Spot pig.  Hand painted and heavily glazed, this spotty piggy bank features a coin slot along the pigs back, and a rubber bung under its belly for emptying.

A wonderful country gift idea, this particular moneybox will appeal to both young children and adults who enjoy collecting these unusual ceramics.

Found in every English farmyard, the classic “Large White” pig is instantly recognisable by young children, and may just encourage them to save their pennies for another day.

A great country gift for a child’s bedroom, this cute piggy bank features a hand painted pink snout, a coin slot along the pigs back and may be emptied underneath via a rubber bung.

Cute, colourful and a fun gift for every occasion, why not send a loved one a piggy bank today, and help turn those pennies into pounds!

Post By Marc