With the Chinese New Year rapidly approaching we were delighted to hear that this year is the year of the horse!

According to the Chinese zodiac, which has a yearly sign represented by an animal, the characteristics of the horse make for a energetic and often impatient individual who enjoys travelling.

It's not hard to see the comparison to our equine friends there!

In any case, having learned a few facts about Labradors from our last post inspired by Basil, we thought we'd look into horses, and see what interesting facts we could dig up.

  • The oldest horse on record was 'Old Billy' who lived to the ripe old age of 62!  (On average horses have a life expectancy of 25-35 years)
  • There are seven different terms to describe horses:
  1. Foal - a horse of either sex under one year old
  2. Yearling - a horse of either sex between one and two years of age
  3. Colt - a male horse under five years of age
  4. Filly - a female horse under five years of age
  5. Gelding - a castrated male horse over five years of age
  6. Stallion - a non-castrated male horse over five years of age
  7. Mare - a female horse over five years of age
  • The skeleton of a horse has 205 bones, one less than a adult human.
  • A horse has the largest eyes of any land mammal and this allows them a range of vision over 350°
  • The fastest recorded speed of a horse is a whopping 55mph!

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