As all fly anglers will tell you, the success of your fly-fishing trip will be improved dramatically if you have the right equipment.

We have already reviewed many of our fly rods and reels, and would now like to share our collection of fly lines with you.

An extremely important part of your fly fishing tackle, a quality fly line is critical for casting your line accurately.

Most companies now make coloured fly lines, easier to see in the water, they give you more control over your cast and great fly fishing results.

While some fly anglers have voiced their concerns that these colourful lines will be visible to the fish, it does not seem to affect the game and they have gone on to be very popular in the fishing world.

Mention the name Snowbee among fly anglers and everyone instantly knows whom you are talking about.  Established in 1978, Snowbee have been providing some of the best fly fishing rods and equipment on the market, and their collection of fly lines have picked up several awards.

Snowbee Fly Line

The XS-Twin Colour Floating Fly Line is a great example of Snowbee’s work.  A two colour line (ivory and blue) is perfect for helping you to improve your casting technique, and is used by beginners and advanced anglers the world over.

Scientific Anglers Fly Line

Another giant in the fly-fishing world, Scientific Anglers have been creating premier fly fishing rods and equipment for over 60 years.

The Mastery XPS Floating Fly Line by Scientific Anglers is the ideal line for river trout fishing.  Made from braded multi-filament Nylon core, this fly line offers maximum floatation and soft, subtle speed.  A perfect fly line for UK fishing, it performs well in rivers and streams and adapts well to cold weather.

Perfect fly lines for perfect day of fly fishing.

Post By Marc