Check out our fantastic line of Country Ties and Luxury silk ties by Soprano.
Tastefully designed and featuring an array of country inspired themes, these ties make perfect gifts for the gentleman in your life.

The 'Luxury' range is my particular favourite; beautifully designed ties that are made in high quality silk.  The array of colours available makes it easy to find something to suit every taste, and every outfit.

I purchased the navy blue luxury silk tie for my father - a fishing fanatic.

This high quality navy blue silk tie by Soprano has a luxury feel; a fishing tackle and fish design covers the surface of the tie and the blend of rich colours complement each other beautifully. At 148cms long this tie is perfect for all knots, even the Windsor - the preferred knot of my father.

Combining this tie with a pair of matching cuff-links made a wonderful birthday gift.

The 3D cuff-links by Soprano are even more detailed in real life. This pair featuring a fish upon a real sit beautifully on a white shirt cuff, and what I like most is that they are suitable to wear to both formal and casual events.

Surprisingly, many men still like to wear braces.  Both my grandfather and my father own several pairs and it seems they never go out of fashion. Our ranges of braces (or suspenders as they are called in the US) are not only classical in design, but they are finished in such high quality materials that the wearer will feel comfortable all day long.

This pair of Burgundy braces by Soprano features a flying pheasant design.  Made from 35mm elastic, these braces have four clips making them easy to attach to any kind of trousers. The rich colour stands out beautifully against a while shirt, and when worn with a matching tie the man in your life will look simply stunning.

Take a look at our selection of Country Ties and accessories today.

Post By Marc