There is no doubt about it; Country Ties make a great outfit look even better.  Made from the finest quality materials and featuring stunning designs, they add both sophistication and depth to any man’s attire.

Tying a tie might not be the easiest thing to do, but it makes a huge difference to the overall look of your outfit.  A good strong knot, such as the Windsor knot always looks elegant, and a small dimple below the knot adds a simple but noticeable touch of class.

If you have never learnt how to tie your neckties properly, then your beautiful country ties may look childlike and similar to the clip-on tie you wore to school many moons ago.

Therefore, as we want you to look your very best, we would like to share our tips on tying one of the most popular knots, the Windsor.

A Windsor knot is a double knot, and so it requires a lot of material.  Your tie needs to be of good length to hold the Windsor knot without being too short once completed.

With the tie around your neck, the narrow end of the tie should sit to just below your ribcage and the wider end should hang down much lower.

  1. Cross the wide end of the tie, over the narrow end and hold in position with two fingers.
  2. With your other hand take the wider end of the tie and pull it up through the loop you have created around your neck in step 1, and then wrap it back behind the narrow end.
  3. Now do the same on the other side, take the wider end and pull it through the loop across from the previous wrapping.
  4. Tighten it slightly, and then pull the wider end back over the front of the knot, to create a loop.
  5. Pull the wider end through the loop you have just created and tighten the knot slightly.
  6. Your double Windsor knot is now formed and ready for some final adjustments.
  7. The wide end of your tie should lie down the centre of your chest and not fall into the crevices created by the two wrappings. Once you are happy with its positioning, you can secure the knot a little tighter, and fold down your collars.

There you have it, your country tie has been perfectly tied and you look great!

Post By Marc