Over the past few years there appears to have been a boom in people owning a cockapoo, ranging from the very small to fairly large sized dogs, as well as in a variety of colours and curly coats.

The popularity of this breed is clear to see and for any owner (myself being one of them!) the benefits of choosing this type of dog are priceless. I may be biassed in my opinion, but the cockapoo is a wonderful pet to share your home with and here are just some of the reasons why! 

Cockapoo fur is hypoallergenic

Perfect for homes where someone has an allergy to dog hair, the cockapoo is known as a hypoallergenic breed. Their curly locks are plentiful and need quite a bit of attention with regular grooming, but it’s wonderful to know that you can really go in for a cuddle and not worry about swelling up or sneezing.

The cockapoo rarely sheds hair

On top of being great for allergy sufferers, a cockapoo will rarely shed fur around the home. You may find a hair here and there, but your home will not require constant hoovering as some breeds dictate. 

They have a friendly nature

The cockapoo is a friendly and loving breed that loves a cuddle. They enjoy the presence of their owners and prefer company to being left alone. Their joy and excitement when you return home is an absolute delight and lets you know that they totally adore you!

A very cheeky breed

A look can say a thousand words and that is certainly true of the cockapoo. If they have perhaps done something a little bit naughty and you question them about it, they will give you an innocent look that says, it really wasn’t me, whilst having a little doggy grin that says, you can’t stay angry at this cute little face!

Cockapoos are great family dogs

The cockapoo is very sociable and loves people, including children. They are energetic, gentle and love to play, so will have the perfect temperament to entertain the younger members of your family.

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Post By Kimberley