The mighty Land Rover is a firm favourite of many car enthusiasts, with a practical design that is perfect for hard working farmers, as well as a great way to spend days off exploring the countryside. 

One of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world, the  Land Rover has a long history in British life, through many designs that mean anyone can become a proud owner for either work or leisure. 

You can’t help but love this iconic British vehicle!

  • The first Land Rover prototype had its steering wheel in the middle, leaving room for a passenger to sit either side of the driver.
  • The Land Rover has been a popular feature in many Hollywood movies, such as The Italian Job, Shaun Of The Dead and Tomb Raider.
  • Land Rover is one of only a few auto-makers to hold all three Royal Warrants, as a trusted supplier to the royal family.
  • The first Land Rover was manufactured in 1948.

  • The original series 1 Land Rover was imagined by brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks, having been inspired by Willys Jeep from World War 2. 
  • The Land Rover company also invented the first original Monster Truck.
  • In 1970 Land Rover branched out to create a new vehicle, the Range Rover.
  • Land Rover’s counterpart the Range Rover is the only vehicle to ever have been displayed in the famous Louvre gallery in Paris, considered to be a masterpiece of industrial design.
  • The Land Rover SUV is considered to be the most trusted vehicle for militaries around the world.

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Post By Kimberley