The summer months are perfect for relaxing outside, reading a book on our own in the sunshine, or spending time with family and friends around a barbeque.

We are not all lucky enough to have endless outdoor space with our homes, but there are many ways that you can make the most of the area you do have. Whether you have a garden, a patio or a small courtyard, we have put together some style tips that can help you to maximise the space for minimum effort. 

Comfortable furniture

Having somewhere to sit is crucial to being able to enjoy your outside space. There are many options that you could consider, a table and chair set, sun loungers or deck chairs, but if the area is fairly small, you may want to consider furniture that incorporates storage as well as seating.

A piece of furniture such as a storage bench that incorporates a soft, cushioned top would be the perfect addition to a patio or garden, especially one that is limited on space.


Adding garden accessories and ornaments can really brighten up an outside space, bringing it to life on even the cloudiest of days. Pot hangers are perfect for using on plant pots or other surfaces, particularly those of a wildlife theme in order to add some touches of nature.

Putting up string lights can add a feeling of depth to your garden, as well as making it more accessible in the evenings. Solar lights are perfect for placing around the area, lining paths and filling spaces that are otherwise unusable.

Make the most of greenery

Any garden or patio will look better with the addition of plants, trees and flowers. There is something peaceful and relaxing about beautiful greenery and attractive colours, which can be chosen to suit the space that you have. If you don't have soil to plant them in, some lovely plant pots will really stand out and add some style.

Add a stunning weathervane

A weathervane is perfect for adding something unique and timeless to your garden. Made from strong British steel, it will stand up against our unpredictable weather, so will not need to be brought back inside for the winter.

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Post By Kimberley