If you spend your quality time in the countryside, you are likely to have come across or even participated in a popular sport or hobby that makes the most of the great outdoors. Great for encouraging time out in the fresh air and a chance to get closer to nature, some country sports date back hundreds of years and are steeped in tradition. 

We have chosen 5 of our favourite country sports that we love to take part in or watch, a brilliant way to bring people together, as well as the perfect way to relax and clear our minds. 


Although the origins of cricket are unconfirmed, it is thought that the sport was started in the 16th century by English shepherds, using their staff as a bat and the wicket gate of their sheep pens as the bowler's target! Fast forward to the present day and cricket is a popular sport around the world, both to watch and to play. It is a wonderful community sport too, bringing local people together to play in their village team for fun and friendship.


Originating from the east coast of Scotland during the 15th century, golf is a great form of exercise that everyone can enjoy, a game that can be played individually or as a competitive sport against others. A great opportunity to enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery and quality time with friends as you move around the course, golf continues to be one of the most popular country sports.


There are so many types of fishing that it’s hard to choose our favourite. Whether it’s fly fishing, game fishing or just simply dangling your rod in any open water, the hobby can be highly competitive or wonderfully relaxing. It is a great way to clear the head and an excellent excuse to get out and enjoy the fresh air.


Shooting as a sport dates back centuries and in the current day can be enjoyed in the form of game hunting or as target shooting. An exercise in marksmanship and a steady hand, shooting is a great way to focus the mind in order to hit your target. 

Equestrian Activities

Whether you enjoy horse riding as a sport or as a hobby, it can be a very therapeutic way to spend your time. Horses have a lovely energy about them, so even if you don’t ride, just spending time with them can have a calming result. Show jumping is a popular equestrian activity, taking practice and skill from both you and the horse, whilst pony trekking is a great way to explore the beautiful countryside. 

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Post By Kimberley