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Have you ever stopped to wonder where the game of rugby originated? We have taken a little look at the background of the noble game.

When was rugby invented?

Although there is no hard and fast evidence to confirm how or when rugby was invented, it is thought that the first match was played in 1823.

How did rugby start?

It is thought that rugby was invented when a pupil at Rugby School in Warwickshire picked up a football during a match and decided to run down the pitch with it. The rugby world cup trophy is named after this pupil, William Webb Ellis.

The rules of this new game of rugby were formalised in 1863, with the official Rugby Football Union being established in 1871. 

How is rugby played?

The game of rugby has been developed with the ethos of using discipline, control and respect to create fair play between teams, whether it is in the school playground or on the world stage. It aims to build core values in each and every player, crossing countries and cultures to bring everyone together.

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