Have you ever encountered a pheasant in the wild? These dazzling birds, with their long, flowing tails and vibrant colours, are a sight to behold. But beyond their stunning appearance, pheasants boast a surprising array of hidden talents and interesting quirks.

Get ready to discover 12 fun facts that will transform you from a casual observer to a full-fledged pheasant fanatic!


  • Rainbow Roosters: Male pheasants boast a stunning array of colours, like red, green, blue, and gold. These vibrant hues are a dazzling display during courtship rituals.
  • Speedy Survivors: Don't underestimate these birds! Pheasants can take flight at impressive speeds, reaching up to 60 miles per hour when needed to escape predators.
  • Masters of Many Mansions: Pheasants are surprisingly adaptable. They can thrive in diverse habitats, including farmlands, woodlands, wetlands, and even grasslands.
  • Global Guests: While native to Asia, pheasants have been introduced to many other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom. This is due to their popularity as game birds.
  • Seed Savvy: Pheasants are primarily herbivores, with a diet consisting mainly of grains, seeds, fruits, and leaves. They play an important role in their ecosystems by helping control insect populations.
  • Hidden Hens: Unlike the brightly coloured males, female pheasants (called hens) have more muted plumage. This camouflage helps them blend in with their surroundings while nesting and raising chicks.


  • Love Calls: The male pheasant's loud crowing call isn't just for show. It's used to attract mates and defend their territory during breeding season.
  • Grounded Guardians: Pheasants are ground-nesting birds. Hens build their nests on the ground, usually in tall grass or thick shrubbery, to keep their eggs safe from predators.
  • Species Spectacle: Did you know there are over 35 different pheasant species? Each boasts unique colours and patterns, adding to the variety and beauty of these birds.
  • Flight Feats: While pheasants are strong flyers, they typically prefer short bursts of flight. They rely more on their powerful legs for swift escapes on the ground.
  • A Hunter's Choice: Pheasants have long been a popular target for hunters due to their impressive plumage and delicious meat. This has contributed to their introduction in new areas.
  • Fashionable Feathers: Pheasants haven't just captured the attention of hunters, but also artists! Their vibrant feathers have been a source of inspiration for centuries, appearing in paintings, textiles, and other art forms.


So, the next time you see a pheasant, remember these fascinating facts! These birds are more than just pretty plumage; they're adaptable, speedy, and vital parts of their ecosystems. We also have a wide range of carefully selected pheasant gifts in our online store, just perfect for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions.



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