The perfect country Christmas is something we all aspire to.  That magical day that we all dream about where the whole family spend the day together, enjoying one another’s company, helping to create a fabulous festive feast in the kitchen and playing charades for much merriment in the afternoon.  Some might say that the image of a perfect country Christmas is a fairytale, and we can’t control exactly how it turns out, but we can make our home the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible to help encourage the atmosphere we so crave, and ensure that everyone has a great time.

Gluggle Jugs

tamarProvide water at the table in one of these striking glug glug jugs.  The beauty of these is not just in the hand-painted finish and the quality ceramic, but in the pouring action, which releases air from the tail causing the fish to gurgle and glug away as your glass fills.  Sure to raise a chuckle or two at the dinner table, and provide a talking point among your guests.

Cheese Boards


One of our favourite parts of the festive period is all the fantastic varieties of cheese that make it into the shops at this time of year.  Display your selection in style on a cheese board from our range, offering a great choice for those that lack the sweet tooth necessary to enjoy Christmas pudding.

Cushions and Throws


Although not the scene of the main event of Christmas that is the grand roast dinner, it is a safe bet that you and your guests will be spending time in the living room, chatting, indulging in a sherry or two and reaching for the bowl of nibbles.  Make sure that all of your guests are comfortable and relaxed by providing plenty of soft furnishings such as throws and cushions.  Our range of quality soft furnishings offer a countryside theme; including dogs, pheasants and fish, which are ideal for adding a little character to your sofa.

Candles and Candlesticks


There are few things more Christmassy than the soft glow of a candle.  A wonderful choice to add some warm illumination in the evening as the daylight fades, candles will help to promote a cosy atmosphere, and make a charming decorative accent.  Our range of candlestick holders will help you to display them around the room for an even light all around, with a beautiful rural style.

We hope that our suggestions are useful to you in preparing your home to receive people this Christmas, and remember to take a look at the full range of home accessories with a rural style from Country and Home to see all the delightful additions fit for your country pile. 

Post By Sadie