Here in the countryside horse riding is an extremely popular pastime.  There is just something about the power and speed of a horse, combined with its natural grace and beauty, that unexpectedly takes over the soul.  There are so many pursuits that horse lovers enjoy; riding, racing, dressage, hunting and show jumping to name but a few.

Indeed, the passion for equestrianism can take over, so why not play to this with a fabulous Christmas Gift for the Horse Lover?


Horseshoe Photo Frame


Made from quality aluminium, this photo frame in the shape of an upturned horseshoe – synonymous with good luck – is a great way to allow the equestrian enthusiast to proudly display a picture of their best friend, or perhaps a picture of them together winning a prized rosette at the latest of their competitions.  It is sure to look fabulous on their mantelpiece.


Racehorse Wall Clock with Wagging Tail


This gift will allow them to keep track of their day, and when they need to get out of the house for grooming, riding and exercise with their equestrian other half.  A great gift that is as much about the aesthetics as it is the practicality, the unmistakable silhouette of the racehorse in full flight is further enhanced by the tail that dances in the rush of air caused by the implied speed, moving on the second.


Sterling Silver Snaffle Bit Bangle


This inspired piece of jewellery features the snaffle bit that will be instantly recognisable to the horse lover, but will simply look like a stunning design detail to those that are not in the know.  Crafted in quality sterling silver, this bangle is a great way to for the horse lover to wear their passion right there on their sleeves.


Navy Blue Horse Racing Silk Tie


For the gentleman jockey, this high quality 100% silk tie has a classic look about it, styled in striking navy blue.  Adorned with details of a racehorse and jockey speeding to victory, evenly spaced across it, this tie is sure to be a favoured addition to his wardrobe.


I’d Rather Be Riding Mug


A little bit of fun, this fine bone china mug is perfect for your warming beverage when you get home from a ride during the chillier months, and will tell everyone exactly where you’d rather be!  The ideal gift for the horse enthusiast that has to work away from their equestrian friends in order to fund their hobby, it will look great on the desk at the old salt mines!

This is just a small selection of our great country gifts with a equestrian theme!  View the whole range of Christmas Gifts for the Horse Lover at Country and Home to find the perfect gift.

Post By Sadie