Sunday is here yet again and whether you are spending the day at a sporting event, visiting friends and family or going out for lunch, it is a great excuse to dress in your Sunday best and step out in style.

For many men, an outfit is incomplete without a great looking tie, and I would have to agree. A smart and colourful tie adds the finishing touch to any outfit, and during the summer months, a silk tie is light and comfortable to wear.

Soprano is a brand well recognised amongst luxury tie aficionados; making quality silk ties at affordable prices.  Their collection is vast, and whether you are looking for something bright and colourful or subtle and understated, they cater for you.

Soprano’s Country Tie collection is made up of 100% silk ties that sport a country theme, such as fishing, hunting, racing and the beautiful wildlife that is found in our countryside.

From vibrant reds and royal blues, to smooth shades of olive and gold, each of these delightful ties have been designed to complement any type of outfit, be it sporting attire, a business suit or simply jeans and a nice shirt.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, choose a heavily patterned tie in bright summer shades, such as the “Red Silk Tie with Fly-fishing Hook design” from Sopranos luxury collection.

A beautiful shade of red, it will suit a variety of country attire and is sure to draw attention.

For those that prefer their country ties to be a less ‘busy’, the “Luxury Green Tie with Fox Design” will add an understated touch of class to any outfit.

Discover the Soprano collection of country ties and dress in your very best this Sunday.

Post By Marc