We have recently added the Wade Ceramic gluggle jugs to our collection of country gifts. Also known as glug glug or gurgle jugs,  gluggle jugs were originally made in Staffordshire over a hundred years ago. The most widely known manufacturer was Dartmouth Pottery and in 2002 when Dartmouth Pottery closed down, Wade Ceramics purchased the gluggle jug mould.

Gluggle jugs are named from the unique noise they emit when pouring. This results from air being trapped in the fish's tail when filling which 'glug's as it escapes during pouring.

In 1958 , a special pair of gluggle jugs were made for presentation to the Queen and Prince Philip on their visit to Britannia Naval College to present New Colours. Undoubtedly, this gift helped the popularity of the jugs, and they have become great collector’s items.

Gluggle Ltd was formed in 2009 and working with Wade Ceramics, they have produced a range of gluggle jugs with a more contemporary feel. We currently offer a range of six colours of these fantastic jugs all of which are 1100ml.

Post By Robert H