These days, men are under more pressure to look good than ever before.  But often it is difficult to find a reliable source to find out about male grooming.  Hair is definitely an issue for men, those that still have it want to show it off!  But few men are taught about simple haircare regimens and the basics that women are often brought up with.

The most basic of haircare tools is, of course, the hairbrush.  But strangely, it is something than men often don't own, eschewing them in favour of combs.  While a comb is a tool that also has its place, it should not replace a good quality hairbrush. But why do men need a hairbrush?  And what is the best type of hairbrush for men? Is natural bristle better than synthetic? What is a military hairbrush?  Which hairbrush is best for fine or thinning hair?

This post aims to answer all these questions and help you pick the right hairbrush for your hair needs.

Why Do We Need a Hairbrush?

You may be under the impression that a hairbrush does the same job as a comb, simple detangling.  This is not actually the case.  Simply watch a womens' hair stylist at work.  You will notice that they use the comb as precision tool when cutting and parting the hair much as a barber does.  But when it comes to styling and finishing, the hairbrushes come out.  They can be used in conjunction with a blow dryer to shape the hair, and brushing out to provide the finishing polish.

Hairbrushes are also an invaluable tool for hair and scalp health.  In dermatology, we learn that within the skin live the sebaceous glands which secrete natural oil called sebum.  When you haven't washed your hair, this is what you will notice that makes the scalp and roots of your hair slightly greasy and slick. This oil is greatly beneficial for hair condition, but usually we wash it away before it really reaches the lengths of the hair.  Utilising a hair brush pulls the oil away from the scalp and down the hair shaft, allowing the sebum to come into contact with the full length of the hair.  This can help to stop dry, split ends and helps hair to shine.  It is also beneficial to the scalp to remove the excess oil, helping to prevent blocked sebaceous glands which can result in cysts.

Is a Natural Bristle Hairbrush Better Than Synthetic?

Quite simply, yes!  Synthetic bristles are usually made of plastic and this does not distribute the natural oils of your scalp as well as a natural bristle brush.  This is the reason that most good stylists will pay for expensive Mason Pearson-type brushes made of natural boar bristle, as the finish they provide creates a far superior shine.  Natural bristles are also softer and kinder to the hair, which is especially beneficial to those with fine, fragile hair as it is far less damaging.


What is a Military Hairbrush?

A military hairbrush is a brush without a handle.  Around since the 1700s, their compact design is good for traveling.  They are thought of as a man's hairbrush as they are particularly suitable for shorter hair.  Recently, this type of hairbrush has regained popularity as the stereotype of the Greasers with the comb in their back pocket fades and and the retro masculinity of shows such as Mad Men comes to the fore.Which Hairbrush is Best for Fine or Thinning Hair?

Fine and thinning hair is a natural part of life for a lot of us.  Whether you were born with silky hair, have gotten to a certain age a noticed receding hairlines and thinning, or your hair has become fine in texture with a lower density due to medical conditions or treatments, you will want to care for the hair on your head with gusto to keep it happy and healthy.  A soft, natural bristle brush is recommended for fine hair as it is gentler, helping to prevent unnecessary damage caused by harsh plastic bristles ripping through your silky strands.  If you have fine or thinning hair, you will probably notice the effects of natural oils more keenly too, as it has less hair to get through before it becomes noticeable.  A natural bristle will help not only to draw the serum away from the roots, but also along the hair shaft, helping to keep it supple without overuse of products and conditioners that can weigh fine or thin hair down.

MILL503-Med MILL502-Med

Obviously, we recommend our English Pewter Gentlemen's Hairbrush.  It is made with natural boar bristles, and has the masculine, military design that men of style favour.  But it also can be purchased in two different crafted pewter designs to reflect the personality of the owner.  The classic country-style pheasant, or the fisherman's dream trout!  Both come in their own vintage style presentation box, making a lovely, high quality gift which the well-groomed gent is sure to appreciate.

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