Men are under more pressure to look good than ever before. However, they are not generally brought up in the same way as women, who are taught how to care for their appearance and to make the most of the grooming accessories that are on the market.

We have put together a few male grooming tips and some useful men's grooming products, to help every man on the road to fresh, healthy skin and hair.


Men's hair care

Many men simply wash their hair and then leave it to dry without running a comb or a brush through it. However, there are several benefits to spending just a few more moments on your hair with a brush.

You may think that a hairbrush does the same job as a comb, simple working to detangle hair, but this is not the case.  You will find that a comb is a precision tool when cutting and parting the hair, then when it comes to styling and finishing, the hairbrush should come out.  They can be used in conjunction with a blow dryer to shape the hair and then brushing out to provide the finishing touch. Hairbrushes are also an invaluable tool for hair and scalp health. Dermatologists tell us that within the skin lives the sebaceous glands, which secrete a natural oil called sebum. When you haven't washed your hair, this is where you will notice that it makes the scalp and roots of your hair slightly greasy and slick. This oil is greatly beneficial for hair condition, but usually we wash it away before it reaches the lengths of the hair.  Utilising a hair brush pulls the oil away from the scalp and down the hair shaft, allowing the sebum to come into contact with the full length of the hair.  This can help to stop dry, split ends and helps hair to shine.  It is also beneficial to the scalp to remove the excess oil, helping to prevent blocked sebaceous glands which can result in cysts.

Natural bristles are preferable on a hairbrush, as a synthetic one will not distribute the oils of your scalp as efficiently. Natural bristles are also softer and kinder to the hair, which is better for men who have fine, fragile hair.


Skincare for men

Looking after your skin is incredibly important, whether you are male or female, young or old. We should treat it gently and always protect it against the elements, such as the suns harmful rays or the drying, cold winds of winter.

We can help our skin to stay healthy with a good grooming routine. When having a shower or a bath, a moisturising bathing gel will help to release the impurities that regularly build up and will leave your skin feeling refreshed, awake and soft.

A great set for using in the shower or bath is the Countryman’s Bathing Set. It will work as hard as you do, relaxing and cleansing your body after a long day. This set includes a bathing gel and a luxurious soap, both with an incredibly whisky fragrance that will make this the perfect gift for any whisky loving man!


The best shave

The skin on our face can be very fragile, so it is important to have a good shaving routine that will not irritate or become sore.

Begin by having a warm shower or bath. This will help to soften any stubble, opening the skins pores and allowing for a much closer shave. Next, exfoliate the skin, to remove any dead skin cells and soften the way for a razor. Wet shaving can produce some great results, simply apply your shaving foam, take your time and leave any tricky areas until last.  Finish with a cooling splash of water and a soothing aftershave balm, which will help to leave your skin wonderfully smooth.

We love the English Pewter Stag Horn Shaving Brush for applying shaving foam evenly. 


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Post By Sadie