Cast Bronze Sculpture by Harriet Glen

We have recently introduced a stunning range of Bronze sculptures to our Country Gift collection, by British artists David Geenty and Harriet Glen.

Bought to you by Fiesta Collectables a name synonymous with quality branded giftware, these delightful pieces of equine, wildlife, canine and country sporting subjects are both beautiful and collectable items that would make a wonderful country gift.

Jack Russell Sculpture by Harriet Glen

For the dog lover, this beautiful cold cast bronze sculpture of a Jack Russell from the Harriet Glen collection is a highly detailed piece.  Depicting the scene of a Jack Russell trying to reach the mouse hiding in the tree stump, this stunning piece of art will look adorable in any country home.

Epsom Dandy Sculpture by David Geenty

Any equestrian will appreciate this beautiful ‘Epson Dandy’ bronze horse by David Geenty. Sculpted to perfection, this stunning piece of cold cast bronze captures every detail of a resting horse.  At 16.5cm tall this unique piece of art will look great on any mantelpiece or bookcase.

'Eventers Head' by Harriet Glen

Staying with the equestrian theme, this beautiful ‘Eventers Head’ would make the perfect country gift for any horse lover.

Harriet Glen has captured even the finest of details when sculpting this Horses head to create a stunning piece of artwork.  Something that sits high on my own 'wish list' this beautiful example of bronze artwork would look stunning in the home office.

'Pheasant Breaking Cover' by David Geenty

In our hunter’s collection the ‘Pheasant Breaking Cover’ bronze sculpture by David Geenty is truly lifelike and quite breathtaking.  Portraying the moment a pheasant takes flight from its resting place; David Geenty has captured the moment perfectly, and set it in cold cast bronze for us to appreciate indefinitely.

A stunning piece, this sculpture stands at 30.5cm high, so is sure to create a focal point in any room.

A stylish collection of country gifts by world-renowned artists – can you think of a better gift idea?

Post By Marc