There is something magical and majestic about the mighty stag. Whether it’s their proud stature, the way that they rut with other deer in order to claim their female or the timeless image of them watching over their domain, we love their strong and regal appearance.

We have put together some fascinating facts about the stag family, which look at their lives and how they interact with each other.

  • There are over 60 breeds of deer around the world
  • Deer can live in any environment, warm or wet. The only place they do not live is in Antarctica
  • A young deer is known as a fawn
  • A male deer can be known as a buck, or a larger one as a stag
  • A female deer is often referred to as a doe or a hind

  • A fawn can usually walk within half and hour of being born
  • Deer have antlers that will fall off and regrow every year
  • The UK rutting season usually takes place in October and can last from 7 to 10 days
  • A deer's eyes are on the side of their head, giving them wide angle vision
  • They pick up sound frequencies better than humans

  • Deer have ears that can move in the direction of a sound
  • A great sense of smell helps to protect them from predators
  • They are very sociable creatures and usually walk in a herd
  • A pregnancy can last between 180 to 240 days
  • Deer drawings have been found on cave walls, proving they have been around for a very long time

  • They are primarily herbivores
  • Jumping as high as 10 feet, a deer can also jump a 30 foot distance
  • They can run up to 30 miles per hour
  • Deer are excellent swimmers and will do this to escape predators
  • The smallest deer in the family is the Southern Pudu, which only grows up to 14 inches tall

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Post By Kimberley