Birds bring so much joy to many people around the world, especially in the UK where beautiful breeds can be found living in and around our countryside. Whether they are spotted in the garden or on nature walks in the great outdoors, they are fascinating to watch, with each breed expressing a personality which makes them stand out from the rest.

Here are a few of our favourite breeds of bird that we love to observe from our window, each one full of colour and elegance that really makes us appreciate nature and the countryside setting that we live in. 


Pheasants are a popular sight when you spend time in the countryside, often seen walking alongside the road or even popping into people's gardens from time to time. They tend to stay close to hedgerows, woodlands and copses, looking for private areas to nest and lay their eggs.

The beautiful game bird has a long tail and is often seen running at a fast pace. A male will have golden-brown, chestnut and black markings, with the female being identified by paler brown and black markings. 


You will mostly see or hear an owl at night, although they can occasionally be spotted in the day. Often referred to as wise and majestic, they fly silently from tree to tree searching for their prey with excellent vision.

With round heads and flat faces, the owl is a distinctive countryside bird. They can rotate their necks 270 degrees, which works perfectly with their amazing hearing when out on the hunt for food.


The robin is a favourite bird of many, with a bright red breast that is easily recognisable. A popular addition to wrapping paper, cards and tree decor at Christmas, the robin is actually incredibly active at all times of the year.

Living in woodland, hedges, parks and gardens, the robin has a beautiful singing voice and is very territorial over the domain that it chooses.


A kingfisher is recognised by its bright blue and orange feathers, often seen flying low over slow moving or still water. It will perch on the nearby riverbank, waiting for fish to swoop in and catch.

The stunning bird is protected, due to their riverside home often being developed or damaged by pollution. 

Blue Tit

A blue, white, yellow and green colour blend identifies the blue tit, often seen with many others of the breed, feeding in groups at seed stations in gardens. 

Found in most parts of the UK, the blue tit often hangs upside down when looking for food, preferring insects and spiders for their diet.

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Post By Kimberley