It’s been a tough couple of years and we are all in need of some light relief, family time and a relaxing Christmas. One of the best things about the festive season is the food! We love the traditional meals and all of the trimmings, as well as the opportunity to try something new that perhaps we would overlook the rest of the year.

For our festive blog we have taken a look at some exciting recipes that are popular in the countryside, offering rustic flavours and using local produce that will make the taste buds dance!

Roast Goose

Why settle for turkey when you could have goose! Branch out for something a little different, which will taste delicious and support farmers in your area if you find a goose that is bred locally.

To keep your goose tender, start by leaving it uncovered in a preheated oven for 30 minutes. Turn it over and cook for another 30 minutes. Don’t forget to season it with salt and pepper first.

Game Pie

A true country tradition! Game pie can contain meat such as pheasant, pigeon breast, venison and rabbit, perfect for serving on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. It will even taste great cold, so add it to any table buffet to really impress your guests.

You can add diced bacon to give your game pie a rich and smoky twist, whilst brushing the pastry twice with egg will give it a glossy shine. It can also be made and frozen a month before Christmas, so it is a great time saver.

Chestnut, Stilton and Ale Pie

Another great pie to serve, this variety is perfect for vegetarians. Filled with tasty seasonal vegetables, a good strong locally produced stilton and a flavoursome ale from your local brewery, this pie will also win over any meat eaters in your household!

Turkey and Cranberry Pie

A traditional pie whether you are from the country or the city, this pie is the perfect way to use up leftovers from Christmas Day.

Mince Pies with Whisky

Make your homemade mince pies even more luxurious this year, by adding a locally distilled whisky to the mix. 

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Post By Kimberley